Vinyl Flooring in Sefton

Posted on March 05,2018 by Richard Mansfield

Vinyl Flooring in SeftonChoose vinyl flooring in Sefton to give your floor that wow factor without having to break the bank! Vinyl flooring from West Derby Carpets provides affordable luxury combined with practical functionality and great good looks. Our inventory includes the very best of national and international trends and leading brands. Today, vinyl flooring is one of the most tough, resilient and versatile options available. It is easy to maintain, quick to install, simple to clean and perfect for busy homes. If you have children and seniors in the home, vinyl flooring is a great option – good-looking and low maintenance. It’s also great for high traffic areas, wet places in the home like kitchens and baths, and it’s also pet-friendly. A quick wipe and your floor is as good as new.

 For homes or offices in Sefton, vinyl flooring is available in tile, plank or sheet form. You can select the design and quantity based on the use and dimensions of your room, your taste, and budget. Many people remember vinyl flooring that was available decades ago and shy away from considering it as a flooring option. Today’s vinyl floors incorporate the best of modern technology and have the look and feel of stone, wood, or tile for a fraction of the price. Vinyl tiles are easy to install, provided the right technicians do it. Our expert team is available to provide end to end solutions, starting from measuring the room, suggesting viable options, undertaking installation and giving you useful tips on maintenance.

 Vinyl flooring in Sefton can also be in plank form when you opt for a wooden finish. This is an economical, durable alternative to engineered or solid wood flooring. Some kinds of vinyl tiles can be grouted like ceramic or vitrified tiles to give that authentic touch. Being anti-slip, these are ideal for rooms used by older people and those with mobility issues. Sheet vinyl flooring comes in large rolls which have to be cut according to the required measurements. When you are considering vinyl flooring as an option for your home, contact West Derby Carpets. These floorings are the right choice for bathrooms because they are installed seamlessly.