Vinyl Flooring in Sefton

Posted on May 10,2019 by Richard Mansfield

Vinyl Flooring in SeftonGive yourself the good looks, convenience and durability of top-quality vinyl flooring in Sefton. You’ll find a wide selection of great flooring products and services at West Derby Carpets. We have established a reputation for reliable, affordable services and products throughout the Liverpool area and beyond. What sets us apart from others in this business is our commitment to quality and our customer-centric approach to any project, no matter how big or small. That’s the reason why most of our business comes to us via recommendations from customers who have been 100% satisfied. As an independent retailer, we stock a comprehensive range of the leading national and international brands. Along with this, when you browse our website, you will be delighted to find a variety of fantastic deals and finance options to help you get exactly the right look you want.

It is noted that in Sefton, vinyl flooring has made a huge comeback, as it has in most parts of the world. If you thought this product is an anachronism from the World War 2 days, it’s time to take a fresh look. Initially, it was positioned by builders, architects and interior decorators as an affordable, water-resistant option for “wet” areas like bathrooms and kitchens. But there weren’t too many choices available in terms of colours, textures, and design. This material is resilient and flexible. It’s available in tile or plank form, unlike earlier times when it was available only in large sheets. This enables designers and DIY enthusiasts to play with design and pattern to create the effects they want.

Vinyl flooring in Sefton is one of the most pocket-friendly flooring options available in the market today, compared to stone, wood, and ceramic. It is available in a range of price bands so you can choose different ones for different spaces. Some have a padded underlayer, making them even more comfortable underfoot. To find out more about our vinyl flooring options, contact West Derby Carpets today. Easy installation, stain/water-resistance and low maintenance make it a stylish, affordable and durable choice for almost any room in your home or office.