Vinyl Flooring in Prescot

Posted on February 20,2019 by Richard Mansfield

Vinyl Flooring in PrescotAlthough we often hear our vinyl flooring in Prescot referred to as lino, there’s a big difference between your grandmother’s linoleum and the vinyl we sell at West Derby Carpets. Lino is still used where long wearing flooring in heavy traffic areas is needed such as commercial spaces. The new vinyls we sell at West Derby Carpets offer far more diversity in design and are more flexible and easy to install. There is a vinyl flooring to fit most every budget. Some luxury vinyls designed to look like natural wood and stone are authentic looking. Since linoleum is made differently and from other materials than vinyl, the designs are less realistic. Another beautiful attribute of vinyl is how soft and warm it is underfoot. The layers include a top finish that protects the design and colours indefinitely from fading.

When you visit us at West Derby Carpets in search of vinyl flooring we have a huge selection from which you can choose. In Prescot, vinyl flooring in all price ranges is represented. However, even budget vinyl is long lasting, durable and easily maintained. We have designers on staff to help you zero in on a few selections based on your colour and design preferences. That helps you make your final choice. The location for the new vinyl flooring will help you with choices too. For instance, vinyl flooring for a small powder room is lightly used. It’s possible that most users will be in their stocking feet instead of shoes. You can go with a lower priced vinyl and still get many years of use.

Do you have a large family with kids and dogs on your vinyl flooring in Prescot? You might want to choose from a moderate grade vinyl flooring which will look great through the years of heavy foot traffic, wet boots, roller skating, tricycle riding and toy car races. When those years are behind you consider upgrading your vinyl flooring and it may last a lifetime. Contact West Derby Carpets or visit our showrooms. We stock top brands of vinyl flooring; names you will recognise. We guarantee you excellent customer service from design to professional installation. Put our experience and vinyl product knowledge to work for you.