Amtico mixture of wood, stone and abstract flooring is at the forefront when it comes to beautifully designed flooring that will transform your living space.

Amtico Vinyl Flooring

As luxury vinyl flooring goes, Amtico is a leading innovator, demonstrating their manufacturing and design expertise for over 50 years.
Design led, they create and produce flooring that is distinguished through its quality and breathtaking aesthetics, combined with hard wearing capabilities that give the customer an outstanding flooring solution.
West Derby Carpets have an impressive Amtico range for you to choose from.

As a leading supplier of Amtico products, we have flooring to fit every interior, from the soft hues of wood and the cool minimalism of stone, to the contemporary chic of Amtico’s abstract designs.

Using a unique method of manufacturing to produce both aesthetic and practical flooring solutions, the name Amtico is synonymous with quality vinyl flooring.

For an authentic natural finish, Amtico offers all the subtle shades, grains and textures of every conceivable wood and stone. From Sugar Maple to Corinthian Marble, each perfectly replicate the beauty of their natural counterparts.

For a more bold statement, Amtico have invested the imaginations of their top designers to produce cutting-edge abstract designs. With gentle shimmers and metal-like glints, bright vibrant tones to dark, dramatic extravagance, this range has something for every modern-day design pallet.