eXtreme® Instant Hedging Artificial Screening Fencing Realistic With SOLAR LED Lights – 2M x 1M – Can Be Extended!


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Add a little sparkle to your garden at night with this extendable artificial screening trellis with LED lights. This beautiful extendable screening trellis can cover walls, fences and hedges or to add some extra privacy from nosy neighbours. This screening not only looks stunningly realistic but provides you with a different but easy way to cover up old fences and walls, without having to wait for the plants to grow. The durable willow frame is easily extendable and does not retract from the aesthetics of the design. The battery/solar powered LED lights can be easily switched on after the sun has set so you can continue to enjoy your garden all night long.


  • Integrated lights – The integrated battery powered LED lights add a touch of magic to your garden. Simply switch them on and enjoy.
  • Extendable willow frame – easy to place on walls or fences, simply extend to the appropriate size
  • Hide old or unsightly walls and fences
  • No need to wait for growth
  • No maintenance required as artificial screening will not grow out of control or encroach on other plants
  • Easy to install