Plastic Carpet Protector in Southport

Posted on September 20,2019 by Richard Mansfield

Plastic Carpet Protector in SouthportWest Derby Carpets sells the plastic carpet protector in Southport to protect your carpets from dirt and wear.  You will find these carpet protectors are the most effective and economical way to protect your carpets under many circumstances. You have an investment in your carpet whether it’s in your home, office or home office. Where there is a workstation with a rolling task chair you will want one of our plastic carpet protectors. The constant wear from the rollers will matt and compact the carpet fibres, wearing them down. Also, the constant movement of your feet grinding street grit into that immediate section of carpet will show dirt of wear more than the rest of the carpet. We have 27-inch wide runners in the desired length to fit your desk space.

The carpet protectors will stay in place on your carpet because the backside has grippers that hold strong. That’s an important safety feature in a Southport plastic carpet protector. The top of the plastic runner is lightly grooved allowing traction for foot traffic. The plastic protector is transparent so the beauty of your carpet will show through. Place the protectors anywhere you want to protect the carpet. They are defined as hallway runners which come in lengths of 3, 6, 9 and 12-foot lengths. Or you can select a custom length. They are ideal for that purpose since hallways seem to get the most traffic or during any refurbishment work in your home, office or the occasional delivery of furniture or equipment.

A plastic carpet protector in Southport is ideal for craft areas in your home, as permanent placement in front of exterior doors or under your teenage daughters make up table. Makeup can really stain a carpet. Being plastic, the runners are easily cleaned. You can go right over them with the vacuum when you do the rest of the carpet. Since they are not permanently secured, it’s easy to roll them up and hose them off. Of course if you only use them temporarily or occasionally they are easily rolled and stored. Contact West Derby Carpets about our plastic carpet protectors. They are also available to order through our online store along with many other accessories for floor care.