Searching for the best Plastic Carpet Protector in Southport?

Posted on November 05,2019 by Richard Mansfield

Plastic Carpet Protector in SouthportWe have the plastic carpet protector in Southport you need to save your carpets from home refurbishing projects, delivery persons and kids birthday parties. We have eXtreme brand carpet protector available in 100m length rolls in 60cm and 100cm widths. You just roll it out by hand where you need protection for your carpet and it stays put; it’s self-adhesive and makes a waterproof barrier. You can make a runner down the hallway or up the stairs or put it strips of it under the dining table during finger painting time. If you have house painters coming to paint your home interior, put our carpet protector down before they get there. It’s going to work so much better than those drop cloths they’ll bring with them.

How many people have tripped on a bunched up drop cloth and dumped a whole tray of paint? For those in Southport, plastic carpet protector would have worked better.  You can’t even fold that huge heavy cloth without getting paint on the rug and stepping in it. Now you’ve got paint footsteps on the carpet. This plastic, self-adhesive carpet protector goes down easily and when you’re ready, it comes up easily without leaving any adhesive residue behind on your rug. Here’s a tip; before taking up the eXtreme Carpet Protector, sweep or vacuum it first. It will stay put and let you do that. Now when you take up the plastic protector you won’t spill paint chips, dust and debris on the rug. Your carpet is safe from any type of products you are working with; even paint stripper and taping compound.

You will be glad to have plastic carpet protector in Southport when your second floor laundry washer dies. Before the delivery guys haul away the old one and traipse up your stairs with your new one, protect the carpet path with eXtreme Carpet Protector, and worry no more. It’s strong, puncture proof and does not move or bunch up. The time it takes to put down plastic carpet protector is time well spent. It will save you time, effort and maybe even money at the end of the job. Contact West Derby Carpets or visit our online store. We have other floor and carpet protectors that may interest you when you need a long-term solution. eXtreme carpet Protector is made for use on carpets only.