Need Plastic Carpet Protector in Sheffield?

Posted on June 30,2019 by Richard Mansfield

Plastic Carpet Protector in SheffieldWith a top-quality plastic carpet protector in Sheffield, you can keep your expensive floor coverings looking fresh and new. At West Derby Carpets, we know it’s not enough to just sell carpets to our clients. We also provide all the necessary advice and assistance for maintenance and upkeep too. Products like carpet protectors help to give your carpets a longer and healthier life, providing you with years of comfort and pleasure. We can install the self adhesive eXtreme Carpet Protector film that acts as an efficient and cost-effective barrier against dirt, grime, dust, spills and stains. If you have children, pets or seniors in the house, or you do a lot of entertaining, you probably experience immense stress whenever there are liquid spills or other issues. Getting your carpet cleaned too often shortens its life and spoils its looks. This ultra fine, sturdy and skid-resistant film can be easily rolled out to cover your carpets. It is available in convenient rolls of 100×100 cm.

For homeowners in Sheffield, plastic carpet protectors are also a good option if you plan to be away for an extended period. This can also protect your carpet when you’re getting building or painting work done. It’s also a great choice if you’re moving in or out of the home or office. Mud, oil, animal accidents, children’s hobbies, spills by seniors and the like can ruin an expensive carpet. If it’s an antique or heirloom, it’s probably irreplaceable. These plastic protectors cling instantly to the surface of the carpet and grip it tightly, acting like a powerful shield against contamination and dirt before they can reach the carpet. You don’t need to worry about slipping or skidding on the surface of this plastic product because it has anti-slip properties.

Another benefit of regularly using a plastic carpet protector in Sheffield is that it’s a good choice for heavy traffic areas. You can protect your carpets in hallways, stairs and in common areas. Being waterproof, you can easily mop up spills and wipe off dirt with a damp mop. To find out more about our plastic carpet protectors, contact West Derby Carpets. You can also safely drop sharp or heavy objects on the carpet without damaging it.