Plastic Carpet Protector in Leicester

Posted on July 20,2019 by Richard Mansfield

Plastic Carpet Protector in Leicester West Derby Carpets is out with a new innovation, a plastic carpet protector in Leicester. This carpet protector is made of plastic, is washable, hard wearing and durable. It has special grips to prevent slipping and provides an extremely useful protection for your carpet as it keeps mud and dirt away. We proudly introduce the ”eXtreme” brand of plastic protector for all carpets. This is available in the form of clear, running sheets of special plastic with a signature Herringbone design and is available for all sizes of carpets.

For households in Leicester, plastic carpet protectors are very important. As leading carpet manufacturers we find carpet protectors to be useful, adding to their durability and ability to withstand the strain of frequent usage and also because they offer easy maintenance. Sheet protectors come in a standard width of twenty-seven inches. The length can be selected in foot length units for easy calculation according to requirement. The advantages of using carpet protectors are many and they should be installed wherever possible. They can be quite easily applied by a quick roll out and smoothening technique which can be hand done or specially designed applicators can be used. They are self-adhesive sheets, therefore, additional taping may not be necessary thus avoiding unnecessary trip hazards.  The adhesive if used remains on the protector sheet and does not transfer on to the carpet or cause unsightly stains that can damage your carpet. The sheets being constituted of hardy material are resistant to tears and punctures. They are also waterproof and easy to maintain as routine hoovering is all that is required for cleaning. Being flame resistant is an added advantage.

Plastic carpet protector in Leicester is the new solution from West Derby. It provides better carpet durability, hygiene and maintenance especially if you have pets, children and seniors in the house. It creates a waterproof barrier to protects your carpet from spills and stains. You can purchase better quality carpets with the right kind of backing for your carpet and at budget prices. For more details about our plastic carpet protector, contact West Derby Carpets. Give your carpet a new lease of life!