Plastic Carpet Protector in Leeds

Posted on June 10,2019 by Richard Mansfield

Plastic Carpet Protector in LeedsWe offer the eXtreme plastic carpet protector in Leeds which is laid over the carpet to offer extra protection to heavy traffic areas. It can be used in many places in the home and office. The film is self-adhesive and comes in a variety of widths beginning at 60cm up to 120mm to cover stairs and carpets under desk chairs. Stair carpets take a lot of wear with people tending to walk up the middle of the stairs and wearing out the centre line of the carpet. The heavy-duty carpet protector is transparent and will not detract from the beauty of the carpet. It is industrial strength and is puncture and tear resistant which makes it perfect for placing under wheeled office chairs.

Our company care about the durability and longevity of your carpets. In Leeds, plastic carpet protector will make sure your carpet does not wear unevenly or quickly. It is very easily applied and comes in rolls of between 25 metres and 100-meter lengths allowing it to be applied to a long flight of steps. It is a self-adhesive film which means it stays in place and will not move off the carpet where it has been placed or wrinkle with use. This is a perfect way of looking after your carpets where they may be damaged.

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