Plastic Carpet Protector in Chester

Posted on July 05,2019 by Richard Mansfield

Plastic Carpet Protector in ChesterYou can order your plastic carpet protector in Chester from West Derby Carpets online store. We stock a multitude of useful products to help in the care of your floors and carpets. Our eXtreme® Plastic Carpet Protectors are durable and easily washable. These popular carpet protectors have grips to prevent slipping. Your carpet shows through the clear plastic and since the protector stays where you put it there is no messy and hazardous entrance matts scrunched up and sliding around. Your carpet is protected without distracting from your decor. The plastic protectors come in various sizes and shapes for multi-purpose use. They are easily stored when not in use by loosely rolling into a column.

The use of plastic carpet protectors is common in most office settings. In Chester, plastic carpet protector runner lengths are used to protect floors and carpets from stationary heavy equipment like copy machines and the area around them. It’s a heavy foot traffic area as is the counter which holds the coffee machine. Each rolling desk chair usually has its own fitted carpet protector to prevent the constant motion of the chair from wearing out the carpet area. The chair also moves more freely on the plastic than on the carpet. While large rubber backed carpet mats are usually used at the entrance to catch outside mud and dirt, the plastic carpet protectors are safer for that area when equipment is being moved in and out. You will find both at our online store.

Clear secure plastic carpet protector in Chester grip the carpet to safely prevent slipping out of place. However, when the time comes to vacuum or shampoo the carpet, a tug on the corner of the plastic carpet protector is all that’s needed to loosen and lift it out of the way. Keep a few runners easily accessible in your home for those times when furniture and appliances are being moved in or out. They’re handy to have on hand anytime you need extra protection for your carpet. Contact West Derby Carpets or visit our online store. You’ll find a selection of sizes to suit your purposes for both home and office.