Plastic Carpet Protector in Bolton

Posted on August 20,2019 by Richard Mansfield

Plastic Carpet Protector in BoltonWith our plastic carpet protector in Bolton, there is no reason your carpets should get worn out before their time. The carpet protector comes in rolls of varying lengths and can be laid on top of your carpet to protect it from the wearing effect of many feet. The roll is easy to fit as it has a self-adhesive back and will stick to the carpet without moving which is particularly useful on stairs. The old type of plastic carpet protectors were made of thick plastic which could be seen and looked very ugly and as it was not self securing had a tendency to slip on the carpet making it quite dangerous.

Where you have a high traffic area in Bolton, plastic carpet protector will stop the centre line of the carpet from being worn and discoloured compared to the edges. This gives the carpet a far longer life as the middle usually wears out long before the edges do. In an office environment the situation will be slightly different. There will be high traffic areas and there are also the areas around the desks where the chairs, either on wheels or castors, will cause damage to the carpets. The plastic carpet protector can be fitted on the strip where the chair wheels run and so stop them wearing out the carpet. It may become compressed but the carpet will not be ruined. A good clean will bring back the original pile and colour and a carpet protector can be fitted again.

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