Plastic Carpet Protector in Blackpool

Posted on July 10,2019 by Richard Mansfield

Plastic Carpet Protector in BlackpoolThe purchase and installation of your new carpet is a large outlay which can be damaged with heavy foot traffic but our plastic carpet protector in Blackpool can keep your carpets looking new. Carpets are damaged by weight being put on them in the same area and the fibres of the carpet are further put under pressure by dirt in the pile. This rubs on the fibres and frays them over time. A plastic carpet protector not only keeps the carpet cleaner it also distributes the weight over a larger area thereby sparing small and specific areas from damage. In offices the desks and chairs are left in the same position for years and the carpet will take damage from chair wheels and in the walkways between the desks.

To be sure you get a long life out of your carpet in Blackpool, plastic carpet protector material can be easily placed on top of your carpet to safeguard it from wear and tear. The plastic carpet protector does not detract from the beauty of your carpet as it is transparent. It is a self-adhesive industrial strength plastic that is resistant to punctures and is tear resistant making it perfect for many places in the home and office. It is particularly useful on stairs as these take an enormous amount of wear especially on the edges of the riser. The roll of plastic is self-adhesive and will not slide on the carpet or wrinkle.

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