Plastic Carpet Protector in Birmingham

Posted on June 20,2019 by Richard Mansfield

Plastic Carpet Protector in BirminghamA plastic carpet protector in Birmingham can save your carpet investment from wear and stains but only if you use it. Some people baulk at covering an area of their carpet with a plastic carpet protector because they don’t want to be bothered with moving it during vacuuming or they think it will slide around. We stock plastic carpet protectors at West Derby Carpets and we find the brands we stock to be user-friendly and well worth the effort. Heavy furniture can leave dents in carpet and it’s difficult, sometimes impossible, to revive the fibres. Our plastic end caps for tables and chairs can protect against dents without being noticeable. When the furniture is easily moved, it’s helpful to vacuum frequently those carpet areas affected.

Carpet protectors come in multiple sizes including runners of various lengths. In Birmingham, plastic carpet protector used temporarily while workmen or furniture removal technicians are in and out of your house is very effective. Smaller carpet protectors can be used anywhere that gets heavy use. Think of Grandfathers recliner or your home office desk chair. The protectors are clear plastic with grippers so they don’t slide about. However, they can easily be removed, rolled and stored when not in use. That’s helpful too because it means the plastic mats are easily cleaned. When placed under chairs or in a toddler’s play area the plastic carpet protectors allow wheeled office chairs and toddler toys to move freely.

Commercial spaces and offices use a plastic carpet protector in Birmingham under each desk chair so the all-day chair movement doesn’t break down the carpet fibres. During wet muddy weather, carpet protectors at the entrance of homes and offices will protect your carpet until the bad weather passes. Keep the runner rolled and stored, ready to use whenever needed. The clear plastic allows the carpet colour to be seen which creates less of a distraction. Contact us about our plastic carpet protectors. We have plastic carpet protectors in many sizes and for many uses. We also sell absorbent safety runners and rolled, clear plastic to cover whole floor spaces and stairways. You can also purchase these items at our online store.