Looking for Amtico in Liverpool? Choose a Selected Distributor

Posted on July 12,2020 by Richard Mansfield

Amtico in LiverpoolWe are proud to be a selected distributor for Amtico in Liverpool. You can create any look you want for your home or commercial use from our selection of luxury vinyl flooring tiles. The pattern options are endless with the look of wood, stone and abstracts in multiple colours. You could put Amtico in every room of your home and no two rooms need to look even remotely the same but each would be beautiful. The durability of Amtico vinyl flooring is well tested and well known. It comes with a warranty of 20 to 35 years, depending on the collection from which you choose. Long term, Amtico offers one of the best values for money available. Anytime you can make a one time purchase and it lasts for life, you have a bargain.

Our well established flooring company stocks quality brands for all price ranges. In Liverpool, Amtico flooring is available to fit most budgets. For young families that don’t want to trade luxury for durability, Amtico is your solution. Luxury vinyl replicates wood and stone perfectly. Yet, unlike actual wood and stone, Amtico is soft under foot, absorbs sound and is low maintenance.  Amtico luxury vinyl does not absorb grit, moisture, dirt, allergens or odours. Bring your pets inside because your vinyl flooring can handle them. A quick vacuum or swiffer will grab any pet hair. Some of the selections can be installed as a floating floor which means no adhesives are needed for the installation which is great for those who may be allergic to some adhesives.

Amtico in Liverpool is available in a diverse selection to enhance any decor. Many of the designs will compliment multiple decors so you can change the style of a room without having to change the flooring. That’s good because you’ll likely need to replace furnishing and drapes long before you need to replace your Amtico flooring. One of our favourite features about Amtico is that it’s designed exclusively in Britain and 95% of the product is skilfully crafted in the UK. Contact us and let one of our staff explain our selection of Amtico Flooring to you. We think you will be impressed with the products and the prices. Our installers will assure you a professional installation for your new flooring.