Laminate Flooring in Knowsley

Posted on November 10,2018 by Richard Mansfield

Laminate Flooring in KnowsleyThere are many reasons to choose laminate flooring in Knowsley. The brands we stock at West Derby Carpets are the next best thing to real wood or stone. The laminate flooring is so beautifully made that you have to look close to tell the difference. If you love the look of a natural wood or stone floor but those choices are out of your price range, choose laminate instead. Laminate may be a better choice than real wood or stone depending on your lifestyle. Solid or engineered wood may become scratched if you have dogs or kids who forget to remove their cleats. Laminate flooring will not. Young children who play on the floor all day with toy cars, trucks, trains may scratch wood so laminate might be the better choice for your home.

With proper installation and sealing, laminate flooring is more highly resistant to water than natural wood floors. Still, in Knowsley, laminate flooring should be dried quickly after spills and cleaned using a damp mop not soaked. The laminate surface is not porous so resists water but if the seams are not sealed properly, water can seep down to the wood product layer and cause damage. The flooring is easy enough to install as the boards slot together and are laid over foam sheeting. It’s free floating with no glue. Our installation teams are available for professional installation with particular attention paid to the seams. The foam underlayment provides a soft step.

Laminate flooring in Knowsley looks like wood or stone and wears like vinyl yet it is neither of those products. Laminate flooring is made from compressed particle board. It’s topped with a photorealistic image and covered with durable clear plastic sheeting which protects the floor from scratching, moisture and UV rays. The laminating process creates a solid bond of the layers. Contact us and speak to our staff about the benefits of laminate flooring. You may find laminate is the flooring that fits your lifestyle and budget. We have an excellent selection of floor coverings that will add beauty and easy care to your home.