Kardean Flooring in Knotty Ash

Posted on June 27,2016 by Richard Mansfield

Kardean flooring in Knotty AshKardean flooring in Knotty Ash comes in a huge array of types, sizes and colours. You can have a look at the beautiful wooden series that is made in the most luxurious vinyl and appears to be real wood. The beauty of Kardean is that although it looks like wood, it has none of the drawbacks that real wood brings to your home. Kardean can take water spills and heat without warping. You can choose any type of wood so that the grain and colour suit your personal design style. There are so many lovely warm and glowing styles that making a choice can be difficult. What is not difficult is choosing Kardean, as it is the most luxurious vinyl flooring available.

In Knotty Ash, Kardean flooring can look like stone. The likeness to stone makes it difficult to tell the difference. It is far easier to keep clean than stone as there are no cracks and grooves to catch the dirt. No hard scrubbing to clean the Kardean flooring is necessary as a quick sweep and a wipe with the mop and the flooring looks new. The flooring is available in various look-alikes such as slate or limestone. These come in a huge variety of colours and patterns. There are many more colours and patterns than you could get with real stone. It is also much warmer than stone and can be placed in any room in your home, and not just the kitchen and bathroom.

Kardean flooring in Knotty Ash provides you with a hard wearing floor which does not fade even in the sunniest room in your home. Kardean flooring comes in a number of different types of application sizes. There are 6 different tile sizes which can be small or large depending on the pattern of the floor. These are very easy to lay and should you accidentally damage the floor you can simply replace the damaged pieces. Choose wood or stone designs to give your home a stunning new look. For more details about Karndean flooring, contact West Derby Carpets.