Heavy Duty, Self-Adhesive Plastic Carpet Protector in Merseyside for Home or Office

Posted on December 15,2019 by Richard Mansfield

plastic carpet protector in MerseysideA plastic carpet protector in Merseyside is the solution to all those things you never knew would occur on your beautiful carpet. Moving furniture and appliances across it, holiday parties, repainting the walls and more. Drop cloths that are meant to protect it get bunched up and kicked aside just as the paint tray falls. Our carpet protectors stay where you put them. There is a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Our rolled carpet protector s especially easy to lay because it as you roll is out over the carpet it sticks. However, it rolls back up easily and leaves no adhesive residue behind. When painting or repairing ceiling or walls, the plastic carpet protector will stay in place throughout.

Repairing walls, whether plaster or wallboard is messy business. For those anticipating that project in Merseyside, plastic carpet protector will make the job so much easier. The worst part of wall repair is the fine dust that infiltrates every nook and cranny. Your plastic carpet protector will protect against that so it doesn’t filter into the carpet. But as you may have found out, the dust doesn’t stay in one place; it gets tracked all over the house. So what you do is vacuum the plastic carpet protector throughout the project to keep the dust down and prevent the spread to other rooms. You couldn’t do that with most other carpet protectors. But with our adhesive backed rolled plastic carpet protector you can actually vacuum it without disrupting it’s placement.

We have a more permanent type of plastic carpet protector in Merseyside. They are heavy duty with a grip back to keep it in place. These carpet protectors work well for inside doorways to catch the wet and grit from the street. They wipe clean easily and when you are not using them, they roll and store in a small space. Your home or office carpet may suffer from having a desk chair rolled over it a hundred times a day. For that we have carpet protectors specifically designed to fit under and around your desk. Again, any time you don’t want them in use they roll and store easily. Contact us and see the various plastic carpet protectors we have to offer. It’s an easy, low cost way to protect and extend the life of your carpets.