Protect Your Carpets with a Plastic Carpet Protector in Liverpool

Posted on January 05,2020 by Richard Mansfield

Plastic Carpet Protector in LiverpoolExtend the life of your expensive floor coverings with our top quality plastic carpet protector in Liverpool from West Derby Carpets. We are constantly on the look-out for innovative new products that give our clients more convenience and save money too. We understand how anxious people are when they have children, seniors and pets in the house. The risk of spills and stains, scuffing and damage to expensive rugs and carpets poses a constant worry. Liquid spills, food stains, wine and alcohol can play havoc with your heirloom carpets. That is why using a carpet protector makes sense. It’s also a great product to have on hand when you have a party or large gathering of people.

For homeowners in Liverpool, plastic carpet protectors are made of tough, 2 mil transparent plastic film that quickly sticks to your carpet. This protects it from damage and keeps it fresh, hygienic and attractive. The film comes in convenient rolls with the adhesive on the outside of the film, making it easy to use. You can roll out the product on to your carpet yourself, or take the help of our friendly, experienced technicians. The protector usually lasts for about 60 days. You can also use it when you’re painting the house, moving furniture or conducting repairs, renovation and refurbishments. It provides a strong, non-skid surface, making it safe for older people and children too.

Removing your plastic carpet protector in Liverpool is a simple task. You only have to get an edge of the material and peel it off. Another big advantage is that if you’re using it in a commercial area, you can place arrows or other direction markets under the film where they will stay put till you remove the protection cover. If you have a natural fibre carpet, the adhesive may stick onto the surface. However, these protectors are excellent for use with synthetic or blended carpets. If you are looking for affordable plastic carpet protectors for your home, contact West Derby Carpets.  It is ideal for carpets and not to be used on wooden flooring. For this, there are separate products available.