End of Roll Carpet in Whiston

Posted on May 05,2017 by Richard Mansfield

End of Roll Carpet in Whiston There is so much that can be done with our end of roll carpet in Whiston. At West Derby Carpets we have some of the finest quality carpet brands for both domestic and commercial clients. Our brands are stain resistant and durable in modern design patterns and solids. Carpet is manufactured in dye lots and sold to retailers in huge rolls. Retailers cut the carpet size to fit the customer’s needs from the roll. There is often carpet left on the end of the roll. There may not be enough left on the roll to fill a customer’s order. If not, a new roll must be started and used to fill the whole order because the retailer may not fill the order from two separate dye lots.

End of roll carpet left from dye lots and styles that did not sell out are great bargains. In Whiston, end of roll carpet is measured, rolled, secured, and the price discounted. West Derby Carpets displays these end rolls in a separate section. Yet, it is the same durable and stylish carpet sold throughout our store. Our end of roll carpets may be just the right length and width for the bedroom you want to carpet or the stair runner. We carry commercial carpet and roll ends are a great way to get this durable carpet for your family room or the kids’ playroom. It wears like iron but feels comfortable underfoot.

Often an end of roll carpet in Whiston is the smart way to carpet an entire home wall to wall. With careful measuring and planning a young family can save a lot of money redecorating their small to average sized home. Contact West Derby Carpets or stop by our showroom and see our ever-changing selections of end of roll carpet. We have carpet padding as well and our installation team will install your new carpet if you wish. End of roll carpet is an economical way to carpet your home with good quality luxurious carpet that will serve you well for many years. Don’t say you can’t afford to re-carpet your home until you have checked out our end of roll carpet deals.