End of Roll Carpet in Prescot

Posted on October 25,2018 by Richard Mansfield

End of Roll Carpet in PrescotYou can finish off that room refurbishment today with an end of roll carpet in Prescot. At West Derby Carpets we take the end of a roll of carpet, roll it up and sell it at a discounted price. The remnants vary in size but many are big enough to fit a medium sized room wall to wall. Buying is as simple as select, pay and take it home for your do it yourself project. It’s a great way to save time and money. The smaller sizes are perfect area rugs. The stock changes frequently so if you don’t find a carpet you like the first time out, be patient and visit again. The cost savings is worth the wait. We offer a broad selection of carpets with a variety of price ranges, patterns and colours.

As customers buy our carpets, we cut their needed square footage from a carpet roll with the same dye lot number. In Prescot, end of roll carpet is the last remnant on the roll. If the remnant is 20 sq. feet and a customer needs 40 sq. feet we don’t take that 20 plus an additional 20 from a new roll. The new roll is the same brand and colour but it will have a different dye lot number. You may not notice any difference but the standard procedure for perfect uniformity is buy and install carpet from the same dye lot. We could wait for someone to buy the end of roll remnant who only needs 20 sq. feet but frankly it’s easier for us to sell as a remnant at a discounted price. Our customers who can utilise the remnant benefits from the discounted price.

End of roll carpet in Prescot is not for everyone but those who can use it get bargain prices. Our well known customer service applies to all of our customers. We have an excellent selection of name brand carpets in all price ranges to serve our customers. Contact West Derby Carpets or come visit our showroom. We also have selections of blinds, hardwood and vinyl along with our fine carpet brands.