End of Roll Carpet in Liverpool

Posted on April 20,2019 by Richard Mansfield

End of Roll Carpet in LiverpoolEnd of roll carpet in Liverpool is a great budget stretcher. If you’re redecorating one or two rooms in your home check our end of roll carpet. These are selections from our quality carpets, in various sizes, that are left over at the end of a roll of carpet. They are usually not standard sizes so they are often smaller in size but sometimes larger or just odd sized length to width. Again, these are the same carpets we sell in our store for a full fitted carpet but at greatly reduced prices. When you choose an end of roll carpet, sometimes referred to as a remnant, expect to receive the same quality of service from our staff and fitters. Some weaves can be successfully pieced together without being obvious; especially if that section is under furniture. Our fitters are very good at invisible seams.

You may have enclosed a porch to extend your living space and need a long and narrow carpet about 6’ x 15’. In Liverpool, end of roll carpet is a good section to find a carpet that will fit. Often, one bedroom in a home is referred to as the “small” bedroom. That’s the one you use for a nursery, office or sewing room. It may be only 8’ x 9’. If you can be flexible on colour and weave, it’s likely you can get a gorgeous carpet for less by checking our end of roll carpet. You may not find exactly what you want the first time you look but be patient; the selection changes continuously.

We have a section set aside for end of roll carpets in Liverpool that are left over from a range of prices and styles. Another use for our end of roll carpets is for area rugs of all sizes. You would need to add a backing and binding which can be a do it yourself job or there are providers of that service available. This is a good solution for those who do not want permanently installed carpet. It can be room-sized but not tacked down. Contact us about our end of roll carpets. There are so many uses for these remnants and at such bargain prices you’ll be looking for more uses.