End of Roll Carpet in Liverpool

Posted on April 25,2018 by Richard Mansfield

End of Roll Carpet in LiverpoolWhy not create elegant yet inexpensive interior designs with end of roll carpets in Liverpool? West Derby Carpets offers a great selection of top-quality cut sizes to choose from. With many years of providing excellent flooring solutions to a wide range of clients, both domestic and commercial, we have built a solid reputation in the Liverpool area and beyond. Our clients rely on us for the latest, premium quality, affordable brands of carpets from the best manufacturers, both national and international. Being a local service, we’re able to give our customers that all-important personalised service combined with the newest products from around the world. Our friendly, flexible, customer-centric approach helps you to find the products that best suit your needs, preferences and budget. All our products are available with a range of installation options and you can choose the one that’s right for you.

For many in Liverpool, end of roll carpets are an economical option. They are available at most flooring solutions outlets at discounted prices and often you can find amazing bits that are just right for your hallway, or bedside. People usually think that end of roll means tiny bits and pieces. But end of roll could even mean a room size or a large bit at the end that can be trimmed to suitable sizes. West Derby Carpets would prefer to sell these products to several customers rather than wait for one customer to buy the whole lot. This way, we’re able to clear our inventory quickly and bring in fresh stock as soon as possible. It’s a win-win situation for our clients and for us. You get to buy the top brands at a fraction of the price, while we clear stocks.

End of roll carpets in Liverpool are products that are usually large remnants of a big order or leftovers from major interior decoration projects. Many of them are top-quality, exclusive designs that are unique, attractive and probably beyond your budget otherwise. Contact us for more information. People assume that these products are “seconds,” damaged, ugly, poor-quality pieces or out-of-style designs. Not true at all!