End of Roll Carpet in Halewood

Posted on December 12,2017 by Richard Mansfield

End of Roll Carpet in HalewoodFor a glorious selection of end of roll carpet in Halewood, visit West Derby Carpets. This is fine quality carpet in many different styles, colours and designs and in various sizes. Carpet is dyed in batches and if you are carpeting a large area, whole house or showroom the carpet must come from the same dye lot so there will be no subtle variations in colours. Once the carpet is installed a remnant is left over on the carpet roll. It’s common for the retailer to measure the exact dimensions of the remnant and leave it rolled with the dimensions market on each roll. Often the size is large enough to carpet an average size room. If you just want an area rug you may ask the retailer to cut the carpet to the desired dimensions and bind the edges.

The charm of remnant carpet is great quality carpeting discounted considerably as the price per square foot is drastically reduced. For homeowners in Halewood, end of roll carpet is a good way to get the best for less. Wait until the size and colour you want becomes available and then carpet the bedrooms one at a time. End of roll carpet is ideal for leased homes because you can offer quality without the higher price. An end of roll carpet left from a large commercial job might not be a suitable pattern for your living or dining room but it might be just the thing for your finished basement. Commercial grade carpet wears like iron so let the kids play on a soft clean carpet at a discounted price.

End of roll carpet in Halewood is just one reason to shop for floor coverings at West Derby Carpets. We deal with reputable and well-known brands of carpet with selections to suit most budgets. Contact us or come see our large showroom of carpets, vinyl and wood. The end roll carpets change frequently so stop buy often to see if the one you want is available yet. When you find the roll end carpet you want stop by our decorator corner and we’ll help you select blinds or decorative shades to compliment your new carpet. We can arrange carpet installation to suit your schedule.