Coir Matting in Whiston, a Great Front Door Mat for Your Home

Posted on November 05,2020 by Richard Mansfield

Opt for coir matting in Whiston for an excellent solution for protecting your entranceway. We have been in business for several decades and our client base extends throughout the Liverpool area and beyond.  As such, we are proud of our reputation for offering top quality products at affordable rates. What sets us apart from others in this sector is our 100% focus on customer satisfaction, innovative products, sensible pricing and excellent quality. No matter how big or small your requirement, we are glad to be of assistance.

For homeowners in Whiston, coir matting is also a great option to protect your flooring and expensive carpets. If you have children and pets, one of the biggest challenges is to clean up after they’ve brought huge quantities of mud and dirt into the house. This can ruin your floors and floor coverings. The solution is to lay down attractive, but inexpensive, coir matting. It is low maintenance and tough, making it the best choice for high traffic areas. We stock a comprehensive range of 17 mm coir mats in 12 different sizes. Being a natural, eco-friendly material, coir is the choice of environmentally conscious consumers. Coir is usually made through hand-made processes, so the environmental costs of making it are almost negligible. It is also very easy to clean and relatively water-resistant. This makes it the ideal material for doormats.

Additionally, coir matting in Whiston is known to have natural anti-bacterial and insect repellent properties because of the coconut oil content in it. Other great advantages are that it is naturally sound absorbent and has great insulation properties. Being a low-maintenance material, all you need is the occasional vacuuming to keep it sparkling clean and fresh. Contact West Derby Carpets for more information on this wonder material. Coir is a renewable resource and completely biodegradable, making it one of the best materials to use for mats and doormats. Our team can give you the right advice and advice.