Coir Matting in Southport, Perfect Protection for Your Carpets

Posted on April 05,2020 by Richard Mansfield

Coir Matting in SouthportProtect your carpet and floors with coir matting in Southport from West Derby Carpets. Our natural coconut fibre entrance mats are available in 12 different sizes, each 17mm thick. Our colour selections are grey, black or natural. Coir is a fibre made from the outer husk of coconuts. It’s all natural, durable and attractive for both domestic and commercial settings. Coir is highly effective in removing and absorbing dirt and moisture before it can reach your floors. Plus, it’s easy to clean and non-slip.  For irregular spaces, our coir matting can be cut to fit. Coir matting is so attractive that in some commercial settings, coir is used to fully carpet high traffic areas. That is not recommended for domestic settings since coir is not soft and fluffy.

Coir is coarse and bristly which makes it an excellent mat for cleaning shoes inside your front door. For many in Southport, coir matting is desirable for its eco-friendly properties. You may never have heard of coir as a natural fibre. We hear a lot about bamboo, jute, seagrass and more but coir is also a natural sustainable fibre and it’s growing in popularity. At West Derby Carpets we find it’s the ideal natural fibre matting for those who want green. You may find these mats difficult to find elsewhere but you we stock them at West Derby Carpets. In fact, coir matting is one of our most popular products available at our web store. Because of their effectiveness, attractiveness, and durability they offer great value for money.

Coir Matting in Southport is one of many products our carpet store makes available in addition to full flooring products and services. It’s a natural addition to protect your carpets, natural wood, laminates and vinyl flooring from outside elements. We have discovered that some believe natural fibres will attract insects. Certainly, that is not true of Coir matting. Quite the contrary, really. The coconut oil in Coir actually repels insects. That makes it a good choice for in front of your door. Contact West Derby Carpets or visit us and see our selection of coir matting. It’s an ideal choice and since its completely biodegradable, once it reaches the end of its usefulness it won’t add to the space shortage in landfills.