Coir Matting in Southport, a Tough, Sturdy and Attractive Entrance Way Mat

Posted on July 05,2020 by Richard Mansfield

Coir Matting in SouthportCoir matting in Southport is an excellent alternative to the conventional doormats available on the market. Wondering what coir matting is? A natural fibre extracted from the husk of a coconut, coir has become a popular choice as a matting material. The husk is soaked in water for several months, and then beaten to soften the cellulose fibres. After which a hard yarn is produced that is spun by hand. It is regarded as one of the strongest natural fibres around. Coir  makes an excellent flooring option,  especially in high traffic areas. This is because it is a tough and sturdy material. A mat made from coir is extremely durable and can withstand repeated use.

You’ll find, in Southport, coir matting is weather resistant. This mat type is resistant to fungal and bacterial growth, which means that the growth of mildew and mould is less likely. Coir is a natural and biodegradable product that undergoes minimal processing and no harmful chemicals are used in its production. Great news is that coir matting is considerably cheaper compared with other mats. Homeowners will be pleased that is needs minimal maintenance. All that needs to be done is the occasional hand wash with a mild soap and water solution. We offer top quality coir matting at excellent prices. It can be used for any entrance, and, as it is easy to cut or trim, it can be used in any sized entrance way.

Our coir matting in Southport is made with stiff bristles and has a PVC backing. The fibres make it easy to remove dirt through scraping so the dirt and wet stay outside. The backing offers non slip properties so the mat stays firmly in place. If you are interested in our coir matting, contact West Derby Carpets today. Not only do we supply top quality coir matting, but also a range of versatile flooring options. Included in our range of flooring options are carpets, Amtico, Karndean and alternative flooring. Known for our excellent quality products, and our affordable pricing, we are proud to offer top quality coir matting for your building.