Coir Matting in Prescot, Long Lasting, Effective and Good Looking

Posted on October 10,2020 by Richard Mansfield

Coir matting in Prescot offers householders a number of benefits. If you are tired of your family traipsing in dirt and debris from outside, consider using a coir mat at the entranceway of your home. Coir matting is made from the versatile coconut. The outer husk of the coconut is the part of the coconut that is used to produce coir. A durable and naturally hardwearing product, it has proved to be an excellent choice in creating matting.  It has coarse fibres that form a highly absorbent layer. This effectively soaks up water and collects dirt and dust. When you choose coir matting for your home’s entranceway, you can rest assured that you will have an entranceway mat that will last for many years, while keeping its natural good looks.

Do you want an environmentally friendly option? In Prescot, coir matting is a way to help preserve our environment. They are recyclable, biodegradable and their production has minimal impact on our ecosystem. The coir matting we have on offer has a rubberised non-slip backing. This makes it an ideal choice for any entranceway. As it is hardwearing and strong, it is also ideal for areas with a lot of foot traffic. Have an oddly shaped entranceway? Not to worry, our coir matting is available in different sizes, and should it be necessary, can be easily cut to ensure a perfect fit. The coir matting we have on offer is constructed of stiff, natural coconut bristles. The matting has a durable PVC backing, ensuring that the mat will stay in place without worrying that it will slip and cause a fall.

Coir matting in Prescot is easy to clean and maintain. A thorough sweep with a stiff brush will have it looking as good as new.  To find out more about our top-quality coir matting, contact West Derby Carpets today. We can offer our coir matting in both grey and black. An excellent alternative to the traditional doormat, they offer a durable, hardwearing and stylish looking mat. We are pleased to offer our expert services to all our customers who are looking for quality flooring options. We are pleased to say that the fibres of our coir matting provide the best in scraping and absorbance. They will ensure that both dirt and wet is effectively removed and will not enter your home.