Coir Matting in Liverpool, a Great Choice for Your Building’s Entrance

Posted on August 12,2020 by Richard Mansfield

coir matting in LiverpoolCoir matting in Liverpool is a popular choice for both domestic and commercial entrances. We sell these excellent flooring products at West Derby Carpets and recommend them highly. We carry the best brands of flooring whether carpet, wood or vinyl. There is nothing better than Coir matting to protect your carpet, wood and vinyl floor coverings from tracked in dirt and moisture. Place a Coir mat outside your entry or inside or both. It will help keep your floor clean. Commercial businesses use Coir matting because they’re so absorbent they cut the risk of falls on wet floors.  These dirt and moisture absorbing mats are popular because they work. They are also very attractive.

If you’ve used rubber or synthetic matting you know it freezes and slides in the winter. In Liverpool, Coir matting maintains a firm grip. Dirt and water accumulate on the surface of a rubber or vinyl doormat and pools there to be stepped in all over again. Coir matting actually absorbs the moisture and debris. Coir is actually made from the fibres in the husks of coconuts. The fibres are bound together and moulded into shape. We sell coir matting in varying lengths in either natural colour or black. Choose the roll length you need to cover a large section of flooring in your entryway. For those who choose to live green, this is the doormat for you. It’s materials are natural, sustainable and biodegradable.

Coir matting in Liverpool is available at West Derby Carpets store or our online store. You can order online in the size you need. Coir matting can be cut to fit and shape. Cleaning is easily accomplished by shaking out the loose dirt and debris. Coir matting can be used as a runner down hallways or even on stairs. It’s a good choice to protect flooring during house removals or refurbishments. Of course they are completely reusable. Contact West Derby Carpets and ask about our Coir matting. We are your full service flooring centre prepared to meet all your flooring needs from selection and measuring to full professional installation. We also offer a full range of mat and protective floor coverings for use in domestic and commercial environments.