Coir Matting in Lancashire

Posted on August 20,2018 by Richard Mansfield

Coir Matting in LancashireJust like any other matting style, coir matting in Lancashire is a unique process that has a number of benefits. Made of natural coconut fibres found on the outer husks of the coconut, coir matting is functional, durable and has a long life span. The fibres are spun together mechanically in order to achieve a uniform and regular pattern with little fibre loss. The fibres can be held together with a latex vinyl backing or without. They come in a variety of colours and patterns so you’ll not only be able to find something to suit your style, but you’ll also have the choice of experimenting with various designs.

The resultant product is environmentally friendly and beneficial for anyone who owns it. In Lancashire, coir matting enhances the interior appearance of a room as well as the acoustics and minimises the need for floor cleaning and maintenance. They also reduce slip-and-fall accidents on floors that are especially slippery, making it safe for home use. They are also suitable for use in offices and even churches, as they will enhance the look in whatever room they are in. Their waterproof backs enable them to trap dirt and moisture from foot traffic. Cleaning them is easy, as no special materials are needed to do so. The fibres are prone to get uneven over time, but that isn’t an issue. A simple trim using a pair of scissors can restore the even layout of the fibres making it look good as new. Exposing it to the sun will enhance the look, as the resultant weathered look will only add character to the mat, and hence the room.

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