Coir Matting in Huyton, a Great Solution for Indoors and Out

Posted on June 19,2020 by Richard Mansfield

Coir Matting in HuytonFor top quality Coir matting in Huyton, visit West Derby Carpets. These mats are a favourite for both domestic and commercial use because they’re so effective in removing dirt and debris from shoes and boots. All natural Coir Matting is made from coconut fibres which are stiff. The fibres are bound with a thick vinyl backing which adds weight and a non-slip base. Coir matting also traps moisture so they’re ideal for heavy duty use. The fibre and vinyl construction makes coir matting one of the most durable around. Most sizes and thicknesses are produced in a natural colour but the ¾” is available in colours. The soil gets trapped in near the vinyl base so the coir top remains clean and looks attractive, indoors and out.

Your Coir matting is efficient at collecting dirt and debris from footwear so naturally you’ll need to clean it from time to time. For those in Huyton, Coir matting cleaning is easy enough. Shake it good outside to release all the loose dirt. Then you can use plain water from a hose to rinse out the rest. Let it dry flat in the sun. Some prefer to use a little salt dissolved in a bucket of warm water. Use a brush to clean the matting with the salt water. Pet odours may be removed with a little vinegar and water. Cleaning your Coir matting will fluff up the fibres so the mat looks like new again. We think of doormats as door width but we sell coir matting in rolls too for extended areas. Coir matting is so durable that it will last for several years.

We recommend Coir matting in Huyton. Our business is long established and well respected for the many flooring options we offer in carpet, wood, vinyl and tile. What better way to protect those floors from the elements than with a catch all coconut fibre mat? It’s the best way to keep the mud and moisture from your flooring. Contact West Derby Carpets and let us tell you about the benefits of Coir matting. Coir Matting is welcoming and also available with welcome designs. Our Coir mats are functional.