Coir Matting in Belle Vale, Excellent for Keeping Dirt and Wet Outside

Posted on February 15,2021 by Richard Mansfield

Coir Matting in Belle ValeCoir matting in Belle Vale is available from West Derby Carpets. You can purchase it in person from our store or purchase from our online store and get free delivery. Coir matting is often used in commercial settings where foot traffic is heavy. It’s an especially effective material for preventing damage from dampness to floors and keeping those pedestrians safe from falls. It’s amazing to us that some commercial buildings use very thin rubber or vinyl runners. People are safe from slipping while standing on such matts. At the same time such mats create a fall hazard because they’re so thin and lightweight. The corners roll and the mat itself bunches up. It’s easy to trip on them because they’re so flimsy.

You want to be sure your residential floors are safe from tracked in dirt, water and debris. In snowy and rainy weather in Belle Vale, coir matting is effective and attractive. Our coir matting is manufactured from coconut fibres. These natural fibres are tough and long lasting. The coarse matting fibres make short work of cleaning the debris from shoes. At the same time, the matt absorbs and holds the water deep in the fibres. Most of it will evaporate and to clean the dirt from the mat, you can take it outside and brush it clean. For your home, you may not want a long runner but if you do that’s fine too because our coir matting comes in 12 sizes. You can also cut the mat to achieve a perfect fit in your doorway.

Coir Matting in Belle Vale is perfect either inside or outside the door. Whether you choose the natural colour bristles or black, it will not detract from your decor. Coconut bristles are naturally stiff and naturally absorbent. They are constructed into a 17 mm thick mat with a non slip backing that stays put without sliding around. Contact West Derby Carpets about our coir matting. If you just need a new one, go to our online store and order the size and colour that suits you. Coir matting will be your best friend during the wet seasons, especially if you have children in and out.