Cheap Laminate in Prescot

Posted on April 27,2017 by Richard Mansfield

Cheap Laminate in PrescotCheap laminate in Prescot can look stunning. It is made of many layers of synthetic material which is fused together in a lamination process. The top layer is a photographic appliqué layer of wood which is sealed under a clear protective layer. To all appearances it looks like wood or sometimes stone. There is as wide a range of colours as there is of solid wood floors. All of our flooring complies with the European standards which specify floor covering requirements and testing methods. It is easy to install and is becoming increasingly popular. Maintenance is easy and it only requires a sweep every now and then and less frequently a damp mop to keep it in pristine condition.

When you need a floor at an affordable price in Prescot, cheap laminate can improve the look of your home. If your carpets are old and tatty and your budget is tight come to our showroom and see how affordable a new floor is. The laminate flooring will make the house keeping easier and will make your home look like new with sparkling wooden looking floors. Some of the brands have antimicrobial resin which makes it far more hygienic than other flooring. It will not collect dust as a carpet would and is far better for households that have allergy problems. It is relatively stain resistant and warmer than solid wood or stone.

Cheap laminate in Prescot is very affordable. Contact West Derby Carpets today and find out how we can cater for any budget. We can offer a number of different options from supply only to the DIY enthusiast or contractor to a supply and fit which takes care of the whole project. We can arrange special times for installation at business premises to avoid any disturbance in the normal daily running of your company. We have a huge range of laminate products from the very affordable to the high quality flooring. Even our cheap laminates are long lasting and durable and look beautiful.