Cheap Laminate Flooring in Garston

Posted on February 19,2016 by Richard Mansfield

Cheap Laminate Flooring in GarstonChoosing cheap laminate flooring in Garston is your best option if you want to install wooden flooring but don’t want to deal with the hassle of maintaining it. Hardwood flooring adds a stunning visual appeal to any living space. It creates warmth and elegance. However, due to the maintenance it requires, many homeowners are opting for other options, particularly those that mimic the appearance of wood. Where can you explore alternative flooring options?

In Garston, cheap laminate flooring is an area West Derby Carpets specialises in. The company utilises durable materials and long lasting designs to create laminate flooring that mimics the appearance of wood. Their laminate flooring collection is available in a wide range of sophisticated finishes that can be applied in any room of the home. Whether it is for your kitchen, drawing room or bathroom, West Derby Carpets has laminate flooring solutions for you. If you’re sitting on the fence about choosing laminate flooring over wood, then consider the benefits of the former. Laminate flooring is water and heat resistant, enabling you to enjoy it for many years to come, regardless of the spills that fell on it. Laminate floors do not fade either. Wooden floors are very susceptible to buckling, warping and not to mention wood rot. They require constant maintenance, which is difficult for families with young children. Not only is vinyl flooring cost effective but it also has the advantage of mimicking wood. You can opt for any type of “wood” look. If you prefer mimicking other types of flooring such as tiles, marble, stone or slate, then West Derby Carpets has options for these too. Some of the brands they carry are Karndean, Louvolite and Rhinofloor.

If you are looking for cheap laminate flooring Garston, then contact West Derby Carpets today. Apart from vinyl flooring, they also install laminate, engineered boards, luxury vinyl tiles and hardwood floors. The company also specialises in installations and made-to-measure applications, all at affordable prices. If you’re looking for cheap laminate flooring, contact West Derby Carpets.