Amtico in Prescot

Posted on January 05,2018 by Richard Mansfield

Amtico in PrescotChoose Amtico in Prescot for a stylish and durable flooring covering. Amtico is fast becoming a great choice as a flooring option for any room in the home. Versatile, durable, and easy to maintain, it is no wonder that it is the go-to flooring of many home owners. Using vinyl flooring materials with amazing colouring techniques, Amtico offers a vast range of flooring that is designed to look and feel identical to natural floor finishes. Mimicking natural products such as timber, stone, and ceramic, Amtico looks stunning in any room.

In today’s busy world, an easy to maintain floor is ideal for households with small children and pets. In Prescot, Amtico is highly spill resistant, and easy to keep clean, making it the ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms. To find out more about the superb range of Amtico, be sure to visit West Derby Carpets. We have a selection of the very best brands on the market such as Victoria, Project Floor, Luvanto, Camaro and Colonia. All our Amtico flooring is available at excellent prices ensuring that you receive a long lasting and durable flooring that meets your budget. Another plus of choosing Amtico flooring is its ease of installation. As there is no need for tile cement or grout, your flooring will be installed quickly and without fuss. While real wood or stone can get cracked or chipped, Amtico flooring tiles are resilient, and should the need ever arise, can be easily replaced without replacing the entire floor. If you are an environmentally conscious home owner, you will be pleased to learn that Amtico is an environmentally friendly flooring option and is an excellent sustainable flooring choice.

Amtico in Prescot is available in many different styles and patterns. Create your own unique design with borders and motifs for a floor that is tailored to your style and taste.  For more information about our vast selection of Amtico, contact West Derby Carpets. Our knowledgeable consultants can discuss the many benefits and options of Amtico flooring for your home. You will be pleased with your choice of flooring for your home.