Amtico in Manchester, Top Quality with a Range of Stunning Designs

Posted on June 05,2020 by Richard Mansfield

Amtico in ManchesterIf you are wondering why Amtico in Manchester is the ideal flooring choice, consider its many benefits. A luxury vinyl flooring, Amtico has stood the test of time as an attractive, affordable and long lasting flooring option. Amtico looks like real wood or stone. It has, however, many benefits that cannot be replicated with the natural product. Easy to maintain and keep clean, it is often a number 1 choice for families with small children. It’ll need only a quick sweep and a mop to keep it looking as good as new. An excellent aspect to consider if you are wanting a beautiful natural looking floor, but without the drawbacks typically associated.

Another excellent benefit in Manchester, Amtico is warm underfoot. Stepping out of bed in the middle of winter won’t give you a nasty icy shock as you would if you had a stone floor! Amtico stays at a well-regulated temperature, and for those who are susceptible to the cold, it can also be safely installed with underfloor heating. It is also available in a wide range of different finishes. You can choose from sparkly finishes, rich colours, and even metallic effects. When you combine this with wood grains and stone textures, the result will be an amazing and unique flooring option. This flooring option is also water and scratch resistant. Another reason to add to and its impressive list of benefits.

When you choose Amtico in Manchester, you are choosing a quality and stylish flooring option. We think that you will love your strong and durable floor. For more information about our range of Amtico flooring, contact West Derby Carpets today. We are a leading supplier of Amtico products. We’re pleased to say that we have the flooring to suit your home. Our range includes the soft hues of wood and the cool minimalism of stone, to the contemporary chic of Amtico’s abstract designs. Choose a highly regarded, popular and affordable flooring for your home, choose Amtico.