Amtico in Liverpool

Posted on January 05,2019 by Richard Mansfield

Amtico in LiverpoolLuxury vinyl Amtico in Liverpool is recommended by West Derby Carpets. We are a leading supplier of their products designed to please most any decor. You may be familiar with their gorgeous wood with authentic looking shades and grains. The stone replicates the shades and textures of real stone. But if you’ve missed the vibrant designs, shimmer and shine of Amtico modern day abstract designs then you must correct that lapse.They are fun, unusual and beautiful. The abstracts could have you rethinking your interior decorating plan.  All Amtico flooring we sell looks great in domestic and commercial settings. For commercial use, choosing the right flooring design will set the stage for your products.

New products for our home, like Amtico luxury vinyl flooring, has removed the drudgery of replacing flooring and maintaining it in like new condition. For all of us in Liverpool, Amtico vinyl is a labour saver and that’s a very good thing. Few of us today have the time to strip off the old and replace varnish or wax. Few of us are incline to scrub floors on our hands and knees. Can you even imagine going to that much work to have a nice looking floor? Amtico not only lasts, maybe twenty years, but the colours don’t fade and the finish doesn’t dull. Dirt and grit doesn’t penetrate the surface so vacuuming, Swiffering or damp mopping spills is all that’s needed for a sparkling clean floor.

West Derby Carpets stock brands including Amtico in Liverpool, that we believe in. We want to be confident in the brands we recommend to our customers and we want them to feel confident in their choice. For beautiful luxury vinyl flooring that is easy care, durable and feels wonderful underfoot, Amtico is the brand. Contact us or visit our showroom and view our Amtico flooring samples. We invite you to make yourself comfortable and take your time making your selections. Our staff is thoroughly knowledgeable and able to answer all your questions. Take advantage of our 60 days same as cash financing for up to £2000. At West Derby Carpets, we guarantee your satisfaction.