Amtico Flooring in Sefton

Posted on March 15,2019 by Richard Mansfield

Amtico Flooring in SeftonConsider Amtico flooring in Sefton if you’re searching for a stylish and durable flooring option. At West Derby Carpets, our Amtico flooring range is perhaps the most sought after option. Why? Installing luxury vinyl tiles provides many advantages to the homeowner. Firstly, these tiles provide unparalleled aesthetics. It can replicate the appearance of any wood or stone material without costing that much. So that’s money saved in your pocket! Secondly, Amtico luxury vinyl tiles feel warmer on the feet than stone or real wood. Remember those cold winters when you’ve gotten out of bed to be met with the unpleasantness of standing on a cold floor? You don’t have to feel that way anymore with Amtico’s LVT tiles. This material is capable of regulating temperature, so say bye bye to cold feet! Easy maintenance is another key aspect of this product. With real wood and tiles, you need to keep up with annual treatments and special mopping and cleaning techniques; not so with LVT. An occasional mop and sweep is sufficient to keep your vinyl tiles looking new for years to come.

Now, for residents in Sefton, Amtico flooring products can be easily obtained from us at West Derby Carpets. We’re proud to state that this product has graced floors in many homes, resulting in highly satisfied customers. Amtico flooring is a top-of-the-line flooring material. Now you can experience luxury, aesthetics and functionality; all at an affordable price tag! The difficult part lies in choosing a specific look for your floor considering there are so many options! But rest assured, our qualified team is eager to help.

If you’re thinking about replacing your carpets, consider Amtico flooring in Sefton. This product is not only kid and pet-friendly but a boon to allergy sufferers as well. If you’re looking for affordable Amtico flooring, contact West Derby Carpets. We’d be happy to discuss how this range of flooring works. In addition to Amtico, we also provide carpets, blinds, wood flooring, commercial flooring, vinyl flooring and commercial shutters.