Amtico Flooring in Liverpool

Posted on March 10,2018 by Richard Mansfield

Amtico Flooring in LiverpoolPerhaps you discovered Amtico flooring in Liverpool for the first time at the home of a friend or relative. You may have heard the words “Amtico flooring” bandied about as if the floor was made from a material called “amtico”. One thing you knew for sure is you envied those with this flooring and wanted it for your own home. You probably noticed the beautiful pattern right away. If you slipped your shoes off at the door you felt the non-slip surface. When water beaded up and wiped up easily with a paper towel, it was clear that maintenance was simple. The floor didn’t feel cold or hard underfoot and there was no empty echo as is sometimes experienced with bare wood floors. Clearly you have been working too hard at maintaining the flooring in your home.

At West Derby Carpets we can tell you that Amtico is the brand name of luxury vinyl flooring suitable for every room in your home; especially high traffic areas. For domestic and commercial use in Liverpool, Amtico flooring can be described with one word; easy. This versatile flooring is easy to install, easy to clean, easy on allergy sufferers, easy underfoot and easy on your budget because it is so durable. The laminate holds its finish and colour for life if you never scrub it with harsh cleaning products. Why would you do that when a light damp mop would do the job? This is the product you want for flooring in your kitchen, baths, laundry room and mudroom. Because it resists moisture absorption, you can use it below grade in dry areas.

We carry an extensive selection of Amtico flooring in Liverpool at West Derby Carpets. Our store is a major retailer for Amtico products and we are proud to offer their many designs from abstracts, stone and wood designs that will blend with any decor. Contact West Derby Carpets or pay us a visit and enjoy a tour of our beautifully displayed products including Amtico flooring. Our staff is ready to answer your questions, assist you with selection and offer full professional installation. You will be surprised how quickly and easily our installers are able to complete the job. We welcome you to our store and promise you personalised customer service and satisfaction.