Amtico Flooring in Knowsley

Posted on May 05,2019 by Richard Mansfield

Amtico Flooring in KnowsleyAmtico flooring in Knowsley brings more than just an aesthetic look to your floors. For starters, this flooring is naturally warmer to the touch, as opposed to the corresponding natural material of wood or stone. That means you won’t have to dread stepping o the floors barefoot with the fear of having the cold surging through your body. Secondly, it needs the bare minimum in order to keep it looking good as new for a long time. A simple sweep and occasional mop are all it takes. Third, you have a wide range of flooring patterns and types available to you. Those who are accustomed to a classical look and those who prefer a more contemporary finishing are bound to find something to suit their tastes.

Waterproof and stain resistant are some other features that sets it apart from their natural counterparts. In Knowsley, Amtico flooring is perfect for use in areas prone to water damage such as the kitchen. They are easy to install, eliminating the need for grout or mortar. Amtico is also resilient, being able to withstand the pressure that is subjected to it such as heavy foot traffic. Should any tiles be damaged, the replacement is easy and cheaper than that of wood or stone. For those who are conscious of the impact on the environment, you’ll be happy to note that Amtico is environmentally friendly. You can find Amtico flooring at West Derby Carpets. As a leading supplier of Amtico products, we have an extensive range available for you that will suit any interior space.

From the soft hues of wood to the cool minimalism of stone, you can’t go wrong with Amtico flooring in Knowsley. Our team of experts can pair you with the perfect flooring option that will have you smiling every time you enter the room. Contact West Derby Carpets today for bespoke flooring solutions for your home.  We stock products from leading brands for true customer satisfaction. We also stock other quality floorings such as Karndean, as well as blinds, shutters and even carpets and rugs. Take your room’s aesthetics to the next level with quality flooring.