Amtico Flooring in Huyton

Posted on December 27,2016 by Richard Mansfield

Amtico Flooring in HuytonChoosing Amtico flooring in Huyton is the right option provided you have it supplied and installed by specialists like West Derby Carpets. Gone are the days when “vinyl” meant tacky, shiny stuff you used in your kitchen or factory floors. Today, creations by manufacturers such as Amtico are stylish, elegant and practical. They’re tough, durable and combine a range of natural looking wood and stone designs with unique colours and patterns from around the world. Cutting edge printing technology means you get to decorate your floor with vinyl options that perfectly mimic natural slate, stone, marble and wood that satisfy the most demanding of clients. Apart from this, Amtico flooring is also customisable according to your needs as we offer made to measure applications as well.

Contemporary vinyl flooring is also safe and hygienic, especially if you have children and pets at home. In Huyton, Amtico flooring is easy to clean, doesn’t stain or require high maintenance. A quick wipe with a damp cloth is enough to take care of spills. Amtico is completely water-proof and doesn’t absorb stains. It feels good underfoot too – gives you just the right amount of soft cushioning you need if you enjoy walking barefoot around the house! Modern vinyl is also available in a variety of textures so you can opt for skid-proof or matte finishes that match the design. You get all the benefits of the real thing at a fraction of the cost and it’s super easy to install too.

Your Amtico flooring in Huyton doesn’t need sanding or finishing and it’s ready to use from Day 1. The hard-wearing surface is abrasion resistant and repels water, moisture and stains making it the perfect choice for baths and kitchens as well as heavy-duty areas like patios, hallways and entrances. However, make sure that it’s installed only by trained, qualified technicians. Contact West Derby Carpets for for information about Amtico flooring. Our fitters ensure that the base is well-prepared first, the selected material is well-glued using company recommended adhesives and the sealing and finishing are completed well.