Amtico Flooring in Bootle

Posted on October 15,2018 by Richard Mansfield

Amtico Flooring in BootleAmtico flooring in Bootle can make your flooring dreams come true. Have you always wanted a marble floor in the kitchen and bath? Maybe your idea of an elegant living room and dining room is hardwood floors with a colourful Persian rug as the centrepiece. The kids deserve a soft surface cushiony floor in their bedrooms that absorbs sound but allows toy cars to zip around. Paver stone would be so lovely in the solarium. Maybe you need flooring quick and easy to clean because you have pets, a family member has allergies to dust, and you don’t have a lot of time to clean. West Derby Carpets has everything you’re looking for in one versatile and affordable product; Amtico luxury vinyl flooring.

Amtico vinyl flooring is British made from resin, plasticisers and a stabilising component layered then compressed under extremely high pressure and temperatures. In Bootle, Amtico flooring manufacturing process bonds the components together into one of the strongest most durable floor covering available. The finished product is thin and flexible which allows for easy installation. Yet, you can expect it to last for decades without losing its true colours or showing surface wear. Cleaning is simple with a vacuum, magnetic duster or damp mop for spills. For all its thin flexible design, Amtico flooring offers a soft step, warm floors and sound absorption. It won’t hold moulds or dust mites which aggravate allergies. You can let your kids play on the floor without worry.

When you choose Amtico flooring in Bootle you get the natural look of stone and hardwood without the high cost and maintenance. It’s cheaper to install than carpet, wood or stone because installation is easier. But you don’t have to stay with natural stone and timber if you prefer bold patterns and colours. Contact West Derby Carpets or pay us a visit and view Amtico’s stunning designs, patterns and borders in style designs from conservative to ultra-modern. You’ll find what you’re looking but you may also discover new style ideas you have never considered before. Amtico has a way of inspiring fresh new ideas with their array of possibilities.