Amtico Floorcare Stripper in Liverpool – Excellent Value for Money

Posted on April 05,2021 by Richard Mansfield

Amtico Floorcare Stripper in Liverpool Use Amtico floorcare stripper in Liverpool to keep your newly installed Amtico flooring in excellent condition. We offer eXtreme® Amtico International floorcare stripper in 1 l bottles. It is a great product to ensure that your floors are clean and shiny. It can be used on occasion to strip the floors of layers of dressing. Most floors need intensive cleaning and attention. Amtico flooring on the other hand, unlike a natural floor, does not need regular polishing, buffing and refurbishment. Once your new Amtico flooring has been installed, it is advisable to be left for 24 hours to ensure the adhesives dry. There may be traces of adhesives left on the flooring after installation. This is where the Amtico floorcare stripper is a great option.

For your new floors in Liverpool,  Amtico floorcare stripper is a great way to remove Amtico dressing from the floors. Unlike a natural floor, Amtico LVT doesn’t need regular buffing, polishing and refurbishment.  After installation, the floor should be left for at least 24 hours to allow the adhesive to dry.  During this time, it is best not to wash the floor. Once the adhesive has dried, any leftover traces can be removed using the Amtico Stripper. It can be used on standard Amtico signature and Amtico Spacia tiles. When you use the Amtico floorstripper, you can rest assured that your Amtico flooring will not be exposed to unnecessary risk of being damaged. It is easy to use and is good value for money.

Amtico Floorcare Stripper in Liverpool can also be used on really dirty floors. If you are searching for this effective product, contact West Derby Carpets today. We are proud to offer a large variety of different flooring options, as well as innovation floor care products. It is an easy process to use the Amtico floorcare stripper. For about 50 square metres, one bottle of Amtico floorstripper will be more than sufficient. All you’ll need to do is prepare a 10:1 solution with hot water, apply generously and use a mop to agitate the product. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes and remove the residue and rinse with cool water.